Jeff Hudesman, Co-Founder & CEO

Jeff is an Information Security leader with experience helping technology, financial services, oil and gas, media, entertainment and healthcare organizations design secure information strategies. Jeff previously worked at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Deloitte, PR Newswire, and Sony in addition to speaking at industry-leading conferences. Jeff is also a member of the FBI's InfraGard program. Jeff leads Phishbite's overall product strategy.

Dr. Brandon Mayer, Co-Founder

Brandon received his PhD from Brown University for his work in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. He is a published scientist contributing to the areas of computational game theory, automated medical image analysis, 3-d reconstruction and change detection for computer vision systems. Brandon leads Phishbite’s product engineering.

Sam Bartlett, Software Engineer

Sam is a Software Engineer with over 12 years professional experience across a range of disciplines and technologies. From small boutique websites, to large scale web and network systems servicing millions of requests per day, Sam has been there, and is now lending his expertise to Phishbite.